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The NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic procedures are amazingly effective for relieving 'hard to fix' chronic ailments. Dr. Collett believes that these methods of chiropractic are among the most powerful healing options available in all of health care today. Your body has an incredible healing ability - greater than you probably realize. But that healing power can become diminished when your spine & nerve system aren't working at their best. The NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal procedures help to unleash your body's natural healing ability - helping you feel better, FAST!

Read through what our patients have to say about their experience with our practice:

"NO MORE DAILY PAIN. I spent years in pain (back, hips, head, jaw), with meds, and other chiropractors. After a few weeks of initial visits, I now visit every couple of months for a check up. No painful adjustments, no medications, JUST RESULTS!!" - L.R.

"I've had full body neuropathy/nerve pain, spasms and cramps for over 13 plus. It was worsened by a flu vaccine that I got in 2003. All of my nerves in my entire body were inflamed. I have spasms, cramping, twitching, stabbing & shooting pains, pins and needles, burning, sharp knife like pain all over. I've been to many doctors and they couldn't help me at all except to give me anti-seizure medicine  - that doesn't help. I had tried chiropractic in 1998, where they twist and pop, and that didn't work for me. It actually made me feel worse. Recently, I was told about Dr. Collett and "upper cervical care" by my massage therapist. I looked it up and was excited that no twisting and popping was involved. I have been seeing Dr. Collett now for two months and have had great reduction in my nerve pain. In fact, two months into it, this week has been ZERO nerve pain. I still have cramping and spasms but its all healing slowly but surely. I still have cramping and spasms but its all healing slowly but surely. I look forward to the day when it's all gone. Dr. Collett is very gentle with the adjustments and explains everything in detail. He lays out a plan fit for each person and works with you. There is a definite positive vibe in his practice and his dedication to help your body heal thats unmatched. I love it!" - Anita

"My sisters continued to tell me to visit Dr. Paul Collett for well over a year but I was slow in following their advice. Finally, the pain in my neck and shoulders just wouldn't go away and I finally made the call to Dr. Collett. I'd tried conventional chiropractic care and massage that included numerous visits but with no lasting results. After my first adjustment with Dr. Collett, I was relieved of all the pain and discomfort I'd experienced for over a year. The best thing - I only require adjustments once every 3 months!" - Robin

"I had daily headaches for over a year. I tried going to doctors but they just wanted to try different drugs, instead of find out what was causing my headaches. Dr. Collett's way of doing chiropractic, with no twisting or cracking, was the first thing that gave me any sort of relief from my headaches, as the intensity nearly immediately went down when my spine was in alignment. Definitely THE chiropractor to see for all sorts of problems, especially headaches." - Sara

"I had severe pain in my neck and back. For years I was told not to visit a Chiropractor since I was married to a doctor (MD). Well, I was desperate to resolve my pain. It was affecting my life and work. Pain pills and muscle relaxers were only covering up the pain. I took a chance with Dr. Collett. He was supposed to be different. I was amazed at my results. It took a while, but my pain has finally gone and I am better in-tune with my body. I love the idea of treating the source of the issue instead of masking the problem. I really respect his approach and the fact that his training is more extensive than the run of the mill Chiropractors." - Anna

"I was very impressed with Dr. Collett. He was able to fix my lower back pain quickly and efficiently. I think it would have taken thousands of dollars to fix what he did for just a little. I will continue to recommend him to my friends." - Marianne

"I was experiencing severe neck and back pain and then it was accompanied with hearing problems diagnosed as Meninere's disease or 'cochlear hydrops'. Five doctors later, including GP's, ENT's and a regular chiropractor, I found Dr. Collett and Dallas Spinal Care. There is no way to describe to you the positive impact that this mild but effective treatment has had on my life. After x-rays and careful measurements I received treatments the second day that gave immediate results to my neck and back. I had accepted chronic back and neck pain as a way of life. I was wrong. For the first time I slept without pain relievers from the first night. My hearing problem is showing slow, and slight improvement each day. Dr. Collett told me it would take time to repair the nerve damage in my neck, so it was to be expected. Ringing has gone away, fullness has diminished, and the roaring is showing improvement. My energy level has returned, and I have been able to discontinue my high blood pressure medication. If you have had doubts about chiropractic treatment, understand that this gentle, scientific treatment is like nothing you have experienced before. If you have tried other medical treatments as I had - with steroids and other invasive treatments and drugs - it's time for you to go to see Dr. Collett. Unlike many physicians, Dr. Collett listens to what you say, focuses on what your goals are, and works with you to truly guide you and tell you what to expect. His countenance is calming, assuring, and empathetic. Go see him and let him help you as he did me." - L.S.

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