Gentle Chiropractic Care

plano chiropractorIf you had the potential to be PAIN-FREE in 30 days, wouldn't it be worth it to find out?

At Dallas Spinal Care, our primary focus is to help you feel better & get your health back to normal. Our office is here to serve those who are hurting, frustrated, and don’t know why they aren't better after spending so much time, money, effort, and worry on doctor visits, tests, and medications.

It may sound like a difficult job, but we are often the last place people need to come to find their answer! That’s because we work with your body’s inherent recuperative ability, maximizing your ability to “make it go away” - and we do it in a comfortable, relaxed office atmosphere.

We have created our office procedures to help you find solid answers to your problem. We try to eliminate the confusion of why you feel the way you do, make a clear diagnosis of what’s wrong, and develop a specific plan to help you get better. It takes just minutes for the tests we use to determine if chiropractic can help you.

I know that I'd want a chiropractor who understands the process of getting & staying better, rather than simply looking for a 'quick-fix' to a long-term problem. We have helped hundreds of people just like you enjoy a better quality of life with less time & worry spent on your health care. Many people who come to us have tried various treatments already, but find themselves still dealing with the same old problems.

Once we find & correct undiagnosed obstacles to your natural healing ability, you will finally be able to move your health forward & live symptom-free again.

Our adjusting procedures (called "QSM3", "NUCCA", and "Atlas Orthogonal") are non-invasive, painless, & safe. After over 12 years in practice, I'm even more committed to healing people like you with the amazing power of chiropractic. I've seen so many "miracle" cases get well from seemingly "dead-end" circumstances that I just can't wait for the next hurting person to call our office!

Call us today so you can find out if chiropractic is your answer!

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P. S. If for any reason I feel that I should not be your chiropractor, I'll let you know right away. It's your health and our reputation - and I only accept those patients for care that I sincerely believe I can help!

Chiropractic Care for Challenging Cases Like Yours