Procedure Overview

The following information is to help you understand the "NUCCA" and "Atlas Orthogonal" Chiropractic Procedures that we use at Dallas Spinal Care. There are many different types of chiropractic adjustments. NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal are two methods of what is known as "Upper Cervical Chiropractic" care.

There are some unique characteristics to these methods that many people find quite appealing:

1. Private Consultation Time with Dr. Collett - The first concern we both have is, "Can chiropractic help you?" To find out, you will meet directly with Dr. Collett to fully explain what's wrong and exactly how you've been feeling. Once we understand your problem, we'll have a better idea on what we need to focus on.

2. Chiropractic Exam - Your chiropractic exam will be designed to discover the underlying structural cause of your problem. Your exam will be informative, non-invasive, and comfortable. We will explain every test we perform, and what it means to your condition.

3. Spinal X-rays - Once the underlying cause of your problem is figured out, x-rays of the problem area will be taken, right in our office. Detailed measurements of your spine will be taken before any treatment is performed.

There is a saying in Chiropractic, "To See is to Know. To Not See is to GUESS... and We Will Not Guess About Your Health!" We are going to make sure we have a complete understanding of your condition - exactly what's wrong, that it is safe to proceed with adjustments, and how to Get it Right the First Time!

4. Explanation of Findings - Your case will be fully evaluated and a specific recovery program will be developed to help you feel better faster & stay better longer. The program, costs, and time of recovery will be explained. Our goal is to set up a program that provides the right amount of care that you need - no more than necessary, but also to not sell you short and have your problem come back again.

5. Gentle & Accurate Upper Cervical Adjustments - The NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal program are unique in that your spinal adjustment will be specially designed for your body. We call it a "Custom Tailored Armani Adjustment!"

The detailed measurements from your x-rays are set into a formula to calculate your adjustment as accurately as possible. With one adjustment, our patients consistently report feeling a noticeable and significant improvement. This is because we have eliminated the "Guess Work" by taking the time to pre-plan & pre-calculate your adjustment.

Your adjustments will be very comfortable. There is NO twisting or cracking of your spine. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how gentle the adjustment is - in fact, many report feeling almost nothing at all! So, you need not fear chiropractic care with these methods.

6. Concise Treatment Programs - Based on all of the information we accumulate about your symptoms, exam findings, & x-ray measurements, we will provide you with our best recommendations to heal as quickly as possible. Generally, our patients find the treatment follow-up schedule is very affordable and doesn't consume a lot of their time.





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