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Why is Dr. Paul Collett an Upper Cervical Chiropractor?

I chose upper cervical chiropractic specifically because before any treatment is done, we take detailed x-ray measurements of the spine to figure an exact way to correct the alignment. Serving my patients this way, we can be sure that we’re getting it right from the start - with no guessing about the effectiveness of their treatment. I felt this was the best method for achieving superior results.

The truth is, I get excited when I think about the next person who is going to call our office needing help to heal and get their life back. I know for sure that by providing excellent chiropractic care, we can get them out of the 'hole' in which they find themselves. They will discover the amazingly powerful healing ability that they already have, but that chiropractic needs to unleash.

I do this because I grew up in a family where we were empowered by our chiropractor to take care of our own health naturally - without drugs, surgery, doctor visits, or pharmacy runs. Our chiropractor was the only doctor we needed because he helped our body’s natural healing power work at the highest level. I can offer you a health system for your family that is stress-free, makes your health worry-free, and relatively inexpensive. I have dedicated my life, my time, and my money to learning how to do this and bring it to other families in the community.

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We feel it's important to know a little about a doctor who you are choosing to care for your health, and the health of your family.

Chiropractic kept me performing at my highest level in all things. It's just harder to stay healthy, keep practicing, and performing when your body isn't functioning in a balanced way.

Dr. Paul Collett is originally from upstate New York. He completed his pre-med classes at the University at Albany, then went to chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta, GA. After graduating he opened his first private practice in Melbourne, FL. In 2006 he moved to Dallas, TX, to take a position as a Clinic Faculty Doctor at Parker College of Chiropractic. While still on faculty, he opened his second private practice in Plano, TX.

Keeping an active lifestyle was supported by Dr. Collett's chiropractors while growing up. Between wrestling, downhill skiing, SCUBA diving, and sailboat racing, there was ample opportunity for life's 'bumps & bruises' to affect his body.

Natural chiropractic care has always been a staple of Dr. Collett's family health plan. His family has enjoyed the vast benefits of consistent chiropractic adjustments for decades, which is why he chose chiropractic as his profession.

"We had close to zero sick-days from school, very infrequent colds, no allergies, no chronic ailments in our family, and that's due to consistent chiropractic care. In our family, chiropractic was a 'no-brainer' - we didn't have to worry about our health or spend a lot of money to maintain it... we just didn't get sick!"

Dr. Collett and his wife Stacy were married in April 2010. Stacy has taught 4th grade since 2001. They attend The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson.

From Dr. Collett

I get excited when I think about the next person who is going to call our office needing help to heal and get their life back!

I became a chiropractor because my family has always utilized chiropractic as our primary health care method. With regular, consistent spinal care we have always had excellent health – no chronic pain, no medications, no frustration trying to figure out what’s wrong – our bodies just worked at their best!

I look forward to discussing how chiropractic care can make a difference in the way you feel each and every day.

Dr. Paul Collett

Professional Associations: Florida Chiropractic Society, Texas Chiropractic Association
Techniques practiced: NUCCA & Atlas Orthogonal (Upper Cervical)
Chiropractic School Attended: Life University, Atlanta, GA
Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (Sherman College of Chiropractic)

Instructor, Atlas Orthogonal Procedure, Dallas, TX

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