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Get to Know Our Unique Approach

Welcome to Dallas Spinal Care. We provide safe & effective natural chiropractic health care to strengthen the body’s innate healing ability. Our patients come to us seeking non-invasive solutions to their chronic health ailments. Our clinic is designed to relieve your pain and stop the frustrating cycle of chronic health problems – so you feel better. Plus, we have very convenient office hours allowing you to get the help you need, usually without missing any work.

“Thank you for all you have done for me. Nothing alleviated my headaches until I started treatment with you and got my alignment corrected. I am now migraine free!!” – B.W., Wylie, TX

After you speak with the doctor, our goal is to identify the underlying causes of your pain & symptoms to decide if chiropractic can help you. We only accept cases for which we have a solution. Once we determine that we have a solution for your condition, we move on with creating a plan to correct it. We help uncover hidden barriers that prevent you from getting better. It’s one of the keys that makes us so successful in finding a more permanent solution for your condition. We ‘turn over all the stones’ and figure out why the problem just hasn’t gone away. Then, we’ll design a program specifically tailored to your condition with the goal of making it go away.

We offer Upper Cervical Chiropractic in our clinic. It’s a different method of chiropractic care with several unique features:

  • No “Twisting or racking”. Our adjustments are non-invasive, safe, and comfortable. In fact, our patients tell us they don’t even feel the adjustment at all!
  • Immediate Results. Like you, we want to get you out of pain and free of your symptoms as quickly as possible. The first step to getting better is reducing your pain & inflammation. For most patients this first step is accomplished at your first adjustment! And, we have a special test to show you the immediate changes that occur.
  • Concise Treatment Plans. We aim to help you ‘stabilize’ as quickly as possible. This means we will safely & reliably reduce your treatment program as your alignments take hold’. We understand that your time is valuable – that’s why we see patients for treatment only for that which is absolutely necessary – no more, no less.

Healing is a natural process that requires time -– there is no magic wand! But, by quickly reducing inflammation, your treatment will take hold sooner and place you on a faster path to healing.

Now, pause for a moment. Take a deep, relaxing breath. Then, pick up your phone and dial 214-669-0623. This is your direct line to a better, symptom-free life!”

Chiropractic Care for Challenging Cases Like Yours